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About Authors

Robert Friedman, M.D.
practiced nutritional and preventive medicine in Santa Fe, New Mexico for twenty five years before turning his attention to the application of the Golden Ratio to health and longevity.

He co-authored with Matthew Cross The Divine Code of Da Vinci, Fibonacci, Einstein & YOU, a 660 page tour-de-force on the Golden Ratio, which allows anyone to access the Code and apply it in their chosen field. That book's success inspired two other Golden Ratio-based books: The Divine Code Genius Activation Quote Book and The Golden Ratio Lifestyle Diet. Dr. Friedman is also the originator of the Spiral~Chi Evolutionary Movement system based on spinal and spiral wave motions. Spiral~Chi has been compared to a synthesis of yoga and tai-chi and emphasizes tuning in to one's spiral nature for regeneration and rejuvenation. Dr. Friedman can be reached at:
   Email: DrBob@GoldenRatioLifestyle.com
   About.me: about.me/RobertFriedmanM.D.


Matthew Cross
is President of Leadership Alliance, an international consulting firm providing breakthrough strategies for growth and transformation. Matthew is a Deming Quality Scholar, Hoshin Kanri strategic alignment specialist, thought leader and speaker who works with Fortune 100 companies around the world.
Matthew began researching the practical applications of the Golden Ratio at age 12.

In addition to co-authoring The Golden Ratio Lifestyle Diet, The Divine Code of
Da Vinci, Fibonacci, Einstein & YOU
and The Divine Code Genius Activation Quote Book with Robert Friedman, M.D., Matthew is the author of The Millionaire's MAP, The Hoshin Success Compass and Be Your Own President. He is also an ancient history explorer and competitive athlete (running and tennis), with a deep belief in everyone's unique genius and unlimited potential. Matthew can be reached at:
  Email: MCross@GoldenRatioLifestyle.com
  About.me: about.me/matthewcross