Upgrade Your Life & Tap Your Genetic Potential for Ultimate Health, Beauty & Longevity

The power to activate your genetic potential for maximum quality and quantity of life is in your hands. The Golden Ratio Lifestyle Diet is Nature’s universal code for robust health and longevity. The Diet is based on a fascinating formula—the Golden Ratio—that when applied to anything, creates greater beauty, unity, efficiency, value and success—a greater whole exceeding the sum of its parts. This formula guides the structure of matter and movement of energy throughout the Universe.

The benefits are staggering and transformational: the manifestation of your full potential for robust health and longevity. Through the Golden Ratio Lifestyle Diet, you’ll learn how to upgrade your body’s structure, movement and energy to higher levels. Countless geniuses, including Da Vinci and Einstein, knew the Golden Ratio’s secrets and expressed them in their life and work. This book takes up where these geniuses left off, bringing the unlimited power of the Golden Ratio into the world of health and longevity.

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 Turbocharge Your Energy & Immune System
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This landmark book resulted from ten years of collaboration between us—immune system and longevity specialist Robert Friedman, M.D., and international strategist and lifestyle coach Matthew Cross, authors of The Divine Code of Da Vinci, Fibonacci, Einstein & YOU. For the first time in history, the Golden Ratio is applied to the restoration and maintenance of optimal physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health and happiness. Looking for a revolutionary method to revitalize and regenerate your life? The Golden Ratio Lifestyle Diet offers a uniquely invigorating roadmap.